Hand scraped laminate flooring - let yourself be amazed

Among the endless varieties of flooring types today, hand scraped laminate flooring is considered one of the most attractive options. Best hand scraped laminate flooring will provide your household with an endlessly appealing look that matches just about any house decor - from vintage looks to contemporary trends.

What is hand scraped laminate flooring?

Wondering what exactly is hand scraped laminate flooring? It’s a laminate plank flooring that provides striking resemblance to traditional hardwood flooring at a much more affordable price.

Hand scraped laminate flooring gives a unique, rustic look that matches the one of traditional hardwood, while also maintaining maximum durability. There are many advantages of hand scraped laminate floor over more traditional hardwood, including the ease of installation process.

Hand scraped laminate floors

Hand scraped laminate flooring and its advantages

  • Simple maintenance - getting rid of food spillage and cleaning your flooring can be a tedious task. With hand scraped laminate floors, this won’t be a problem! This top quality flooring has an entirely smooth surface with no gaps, meaning that nothing gets stuck in between planks.
  • Extended durability - Any small markings that might appear will blend in perfectly with the rustic look of this flooring. This way, you don’t have to worry about accidentally ruining your flooring and having to install a new one.
  • Price factor - for many, this is the main advantage of hand scraped laminate flooring. Laminate is several times cheaper than hardwood, when considering the price of planks and installation, while still providing a striking visual appearance.

Hand scraped laminate flooring is what many household owners are looking for, given the extreme rise in popularity of laminate flooring in the recent years. One of the best hand scraped laminate flooring is offered by Floor Experts, a leading provider of top quality flooring in Southeast Europe. Make sure to check out their incredibly wide selection on their website.