Grey parquet flooring - modernize your home

Grey parquet flooring is gaining its popularity, mostly because it’s timeless, stylish and offers versatile styling options. Real hardwood parquet flooring is one of the most desirable flooring options among the stylists and homeowners. We’ve already written extensively about numerous benefits that the parquet wood flooring brings to your home, so let us here mention only the hardwood parquet flooring’s most visible advantages: natural feel of the parquet flooring material, comfort, longevity, beauty and luxury. But since grey parquet flooring really flourished in the past years, let’s focus on how to style it.

dark grey parquet flooringDifferent shades of grey hardwood parquet flooring

Parquet flooring style can determine the appearance of the whole home. If carefully selected, it will accentuate the beauty of any room, and the good news is, that hardwood parquet flooring (especially grey parquet flooring) is very forgiving when it comes to styling, and will most likely upgrade your home, no matter which shade you choose and what furniture you add. However, if you truly want to complement your home with grey parquet, made by the best parquet flooring manufacturers, you should know there are several grey parquet flooring shades: blue, yellow, brown, red and green.

grey parquet wood flooringHow to complement grey hardwood parquet flooring

Yellow and brown will give the room a comfortable feel, blue or green shade on the other hand will give your room the cool and contemporary appearance. Light grey hardwood parquet flooring will make any room look more spacious and airy, darker shade will make it more dramatic and modern. You can also contrast the colours. Style blue-grey parquet flooring with gold or brown to accentuate warmth and comfort, and red- grey parquet flooring with pink or creamy colours to soften it. Dark grey parquet flooring makes an eye-catching contrast with light colours and you can add silver to your light flooring for contemporary and industrial décor.