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Wooden parquet flooring as a life experience

Wooden parquet flooring will offer you comfort, warmth, natural feel and unparalleled beauty, no matter which exact product you choose, as long as you decide for quality. At Floor Experts we offer a vast selection of coloured parquet floorings as well as many different textures and wood species. You can decide for a high-quality parquet oak flooring, pine, spruce, larch, ash, beech, walnut, cherry, iroko, jatoba, kayu kuku, wenge, bamboo and other wooden parquet floorings. Choose among many parquet flooring colors, such as brown, white, black or grey, and each choice also comes in a variety of shades. If you choose wisely and know a little about how to treat parquet flooring, our wooden parquet flooring will be with you throughout your lifetime.

treating for parquet oak flooring

Choose parquet oak flooring for quality

Parquet oak flooring is a popular choice, because it offers reliability and stability most homeowners seek. Parquet oak flooring is hard, yet feels natural and soft under your feet. If offers an attractive grain and several parquet flooring colors, which range from reddish-brown, yellowish-brown, dark brown or even light brown. Parquet oak flooring also improves with age, it’s colour gets richer and grain more attractive, which means that this will be the last wooden parquet flooring you’ll buy.


Other wooden parquet floorings

At Floor Experts we truly strive for versatility, not just quality, therefore we’ve made sure to include a vast selection of wooden parquet floorings, which will satisfy any taste. If parquet oak flooring is not for you, you can choose among more common (maple, pine, spruce, larch, ash, beech, walnut, cherry, teak) or more exotic (iroko, sucupira, merbau, jatoba, kayu kuku, wenge, bamboo) options. Visit our website and set on a journey of mesmerizing wooden parquet floorings. If you want to know more about your options or about how to treat the parquet flooring, don’t hesitate to contact us.

coloured wooden parquet flooring