Eco-friendly laminate flooring for sustainable future

Floor Experts, the leading Slovenian provider of top rated flooring takes pride in offering their customers highest quality and superior flooring products. Not only do they provide an optimum price to quality ratio, they also provide eco-friendly laminate flooring. The company pairs technological advances with environmentally friendly materials. Given the fact that people all over the world are increasingly feeling the consequences of different kinds of pollution, it is now more important than ever to seek eco-friendly laminate flooring and other eco household products. The most recommended laminate flooring by Floor Experts.

waterproof laminate flooring


Recycling laminate flooring yourself

If you’ve redecorated your house and are currently stuck with planks of laminate flooring, then looking into fun and creative ways of recycling laminate flooring is ideal. By reusing the material, it will benefit you and in the long-run, benefit the planet around you. It is recommended that laminate flooring is not just simply thrown away, but reused as house decor. There are many creative communities online that share tips on recycling laminate flooring and how to make your laminate flooring eco-friendly by turning it into a table top, coaster, photo frame or other house decor. Wood patterns with their inspiring natural colours are becoming more and more popular, so it’s a trendy option for all.

Eco-friendly laminate

Is laminate flooring recyclable? - Getting creative

Recycling laminate flooring in bulk is carried out in recycling facilities. Because of its clever click system, laminate flooring is recyclable and poses no threat to the environment. If you’re unable to reuse your laminate flooring at home, then it is highly recommended that laminate flooring is taken to a recycling facility. Laminate flooring is recyclable and can be used for either thermal or material recycling. All this makes laminate eco-friendly and completely guilt-free. Because of its many benefits, laminate is now being hailed as an all-around feel-good flooring option!

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