Dark laminate flooring coloursYour home will look very elegant with light laminate flooring

We offer many colours of laminate flooring. From dark laminate flooring to light laminate flooring, you can choose among stunning 450 different types. There are some unwritten rules about use of dark and light laminate. Dark colours are usually used for bigger sized rooms and rooms with sufficient lighting. Dark laminate flooring gives your home warm and cosy inviting feeling. Light laminate is most suitable for small rooms because it optically enlarges them. Because light colours brighten up spaces, they are used in rooms which have plenty of light. Light laminate flooring gives your home elegant and sophisticated appearance. Laminate flooring colours are great for creating incredible contrast between floors and walls.

Our collection of dark and light laminate flooring is suitable for every home

Laminate flooring ideas are almost limitless with vast assortment of colours, decors and surface textures. Many beautiful patterns can be made with different colours or decors. Patterns can be created with laminate tiles in many different sizes. If you combine small and big tiles, you can get really interesting designs. Beautiful patterns enhance rooms and they look especially spectacular in spacious rooms.

Light laminate flooring ideasDifferent types of laminate flooring create diverse looks

We have all sorts of different laminate flooring. With various colours you can lighten up rooms or create beautiful contrasts. With numerous decors you can beautify any space. With diverse surface textures you can create many looks. Different sizes of tiles make it possible to create countless patterns which enhance rooms. Different thickness of tiles offers use in all sorts of buildings. However all our products are made of high quality materials and come with our guarantee. Installation of laminate is simple and fast but if you do not have any experiences, we recommend to seek professional help. Flooring has to be installed properly for best long lasting result.