Newest hype for cork laminate flooring

Cork laminate flooring is quick and easy to install and provides a stylish and also environmentally friendly alternative for flooring. When installing cork laminate flooring you must be careful of the problems that may arise during installation. But here at Floor Experts we guarantee you will be satisfied with your chosen flooring. We also offer cork edging for laminate flooring.

Possible cork laminate flooring problems

One disadvantage is that cork flooring is very vulnerable to water damage. If cork floorings get wet, they will expand. If you do not use a sealant problems with cork laminate flooring will arise. Cork laminate flooring problems happen because cork is also vulnerable to physical damage and this damage can come from dropping a heavy object on your floor or if you place heavy furniture on your floor which causes cork laminate flooring problems. If you wish to combine cork and laminate we offer laminate flooring with cork backing and cork edging for laminate flooring.

The beauty of cork laminate flooring

The newest addition to our offer is cork laminate flooring Wicander. Cork laminate flooring is ideal in terms of ever increasing demand for conservation of natural resources. Unique and incomparable qualities are also one of the features of cork for laminate flooring. Cork for laminate flooring is made of 40 million cells per cm3 resembling a honeycomb structure which protects from shar temperature changes. Each of the cells of cork laminate flooring functions as a miniature natural thermal insulator and also provides above average sound insulation and has shock absorbing properties. There is also a possibility to buy laminate flooring with cork backing, for which we added cork backed laminate flooring. In this case the cork backed laminate flooring offers shock absorption and sound insulations without any fear for the cork laminate flooring problems that may arise.

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