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Classic walnut laminate flooring for a high-end look in your home

authentic walnut laminateClassic walnut laminate flooring gives any home an especially luxurious look. Authentic walnut laminate mimics natural walnut wood, but is cheaper, easier to install and highly durable. Classic walnut laminate costs much less than hardwood walnut flooring because it consists of three plywood-like layers and a printed top layer. Not being actual walnut means the price for urban walnut laminate flooring can be much lower, while still maintaining an authentic walnut laminate look. Like all engineered flooring, urban walnut laminate flooring is suitable for underfloor heating and can be easily installed as floating floors.


Save money with classic walnut laminate

classic walnut laminateFor a fraction of the cost of authentic walnut, laminate flooring brings the exact same rich and sophisticated feel to any room, from the bedroom to the kitchen. You can choose from different shades of walnut, from natural walnut laminate flooring to light walnut laminate flooring. Most homeowners go for natural walnut laminate flooring which has the look of authentic walnut. Laminate flooring technology has come so far in recent years that most people can’t even see the difference between laminate and hardwood floors and the feel of classic walnut laminate is very similar to that of solid wood floors.

Light walnut effect laminate flooring for a brighter look

If you love the structure of walnut flooring, but you find it a bit too dark, light walnut laminate flooring might be a better option for you. Compared to classic walnut laminate, light walnut effect laminate flooring is a lighter shade, and more appropriate for homes with less lighting. If you want the look of authentic walnut, laminate is your best choice to save money on flooring. Classic walnut laminate is durable and looks great! If you want to see more flooring options, like hand scraped oak laminate flooring or wood veneer laminate flooring, visit Floor Experts.