Wooden parquet flooring - basic information

Wooden parquet flooring is among the most common choices, because it comes in a variety of colours, wood species and styles, furthermore we can use a number of appealing parquet flooring patterns.
To make your choice easier, we’ll answer the following questions: what is parquet wood flooring, how to care for parquet wood flooring, how to sand parquet wood flooring and a little bit about how to install parquet wood flooring.

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Wooden parquet flooring - definition and care

Wooden parquet flooring is a product, manufactured from timber. We distinguish between real wooden parquet flooring and engineered wood parquet flooring, where the latter consists of thin strips of wood pressed and glued to a plywood. Wooden parquet flooring is very durable, which is also attributed to the fact, that there is a possibility of sanding your parquet wood flooring and applying a new finish, whenever we see the visible signs of wear and tear.
Caring for parquet wood flooring is easy, but requires consistency. We should sweep or hover it regularly, mop (be careful not to use too much water or aggressive cleaners) and occasionally we can also polish our parquet wooden flooring to give it more shine.

How to install parquet wood flooring Floor ExpertsHow to install parquet wood flooring - the easy way

There is no quick answer to the question how to install parquet wood flooring. The process is rather difficult and requires a lot of skill and practice. The easiest way is to hire a professional, who knows exactly how to install parquet wood flooring and has a lot of experience. That is the best way to ensure high-quality of your wooden parquet flooring even after you’ve purchased it. High-grade wooden parquet flooring (such as you can buy at Floor Experts) will truly last you a lifetime if you invest some care into it and if you make sure the installation is performed properly.
For more information on how to install parquet wood flooring contact Floor Experts or read one of the other articles where we discussed the topic in more detail.