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If you’re wondering where to buy solid wood parquet flooring, engineeredparquet flooring or laminate flooring? You’ve come to the right place. Floor Experts is one of the leading parquet looring suppliers and laminate flooring suppliers. In the years 2014/2015 we were awarded the Digital quality certificate QUDAL, a quality medal for first place in the category of Retail chains for floor coverings, according to quality and customer satisfaction. This is only one of the reasons why we are the best place to buy hardwood flooring.

Looking for the best place to buy laminate flooring?

Look no further.Flooring supplier Floor Experts is not just the best place to buy hardwood parquet flooring, we are also the best place to buy laminate flooring and here is why:

  • Customer satisfaction is important to us. We won’t just sell you parquet floors or laminate floors, we as your supplier will also advise you and help you make the right decision, as well as install your new parquet floors or laminate floors professionally and expertly.
  • You can choose between 2000 different types of parquet flooringsor laminate flooring from the best parquet manufacturers in the world. Surely, you can find your dream floor among our wide range of products.

Buying parquet flooring

Where can you find us?

Even though we are located in Slovenia, we are the biggest laminate and parquet flooring suppliers for South Eastern Europe. Apart from Slovenia, we also supply our partners in Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania, where you can find the products featured in our e-catalogues and listed on our website.

Why should you buy from Floor Experts?

You shouldn’t buy from us just because we have the most extensive range of products, from engineered click hardwood flooringto solid hardwood flooring, laminate, veneer, vinyl pvc and cork flooring, but mostly because we ensure that our products are of the highest quality, ecological and technologically advanced. Our goal is not just to sell you flooring, but to give your home a beautiful, durable and easy to maintain flooring that will make you happy for decades to come. That is why if you are looking for the best place to buy laminate flooring or the best place to buy hardwood flooring, Floor Experts is the place to be.