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Buying and maintaining parquet flooring, easy does it with Alpod

Thinking of buying wood parquet flooring? Check Alpod, be surprised with our offers, and never spend excessively on maintenance of your parquet hardwood flooring again. When the first step, the buying of the parquet wood floor, is done properly with appropriate advice, we can be sure of maximum longevity and satisfaction with chosen solid wood parquet. Based on excellent results over the years, we have built our name and earned a great reputation.

buying parquet flooring

Wood parquet from Alpod, minimum maintenance, and maximum enjoyment

When we started with Alpod, we knew that buying new wood floors, especially solidwood parquet flooring, can be rather challenging. A vision of becoming simply the best in price to quality ratio, and with that the go-to place for buying solid woodparquet flooring, lead to the development of Alpod. By offering parquet hardwood flooring with appropriate advice so that the right type is chosen for every situation, decreases the amount of maintenance needed for almost any hardwood flooring type, including parquet. Caring for cork or wooden parquetbecomes a breeze of simple fulfillment, once we help you understand how to take care of solid parquet.

how to take care of parquet flooring

Maintaining solid wood parquet flooring, how to make it last the longest?

Our range consists of cork and wooden parquet flooring, for which taking care has been made incredibly easy. So how to take care of Alpod solid wood parquet? Easy does it, we tend to say. If sand and rough friction on the surface are avoided, the pretty finish lasts the longest. Dependent on the type there are several ways to maintain and restore parquet flooring. Advice on maintaining wood parquet flooring and buying at the best price-quality ratio, that’s Alpod. Buy parquet wood flooring and earn about its maintenance, all in one go, easy does it.