The best 3-layer parquet available to date, thin parquet flooring from Floor Experts does the trick for most situations

A 3 layer parquet flooring for long-lasting solid wood flooring; lay it once, enjoy for many years! With our new Floor Experts line, you can be sure of a satisfying combination of price/quality ratio and longevity. Why drag heavy, costly thick wooden flooring if you can achieve the same with many advantages ofcork parquet flooring from Floor Experts? The biggest difference between parquet and laminate is that parquet flooring is made out of solid wood, where laminate consists of multiple layers processed wood and other materials. Laminate flooring more often has a plastic look and feeling to it, where solid wood parquet flooring is made from authentic solid wood.

Thin parquet flooring for great value and durability, Floor Experts delivers.

Because of the unmistaken difference between parquet and laminate, it can be hard to choose between one of them. As woodparquet flooring can too have a layer of cork parquet flooring underneath, the layered effect can just as well be achieved with real wooden and thin parquet flooring. If it comes to parquet vs laminate flooring, we advise to compare the cost and durability of both and see what matches your expectations and specific situation. We advise 3 layer parquet flooring or thin parquet flooring from Floor Experts, for its great price to quality value and durability.

3 layer parquet flooring

Only the best materials are used for our beautiful thin parquet floors

3-layer parquet flooring is the choice of professionals, where a floor needs to be durable and authentic in look and feel. The choice between parquet vs laminate flooring is an easy choice if you ask the professional, we’d mostly recommend the real wooden option over laminate. When it comes to composing the materials in our 3-layer parquet flooring, we make sure to choose the right balance between materials so that all desired qualities can be achieved. Included in our 3-layer parquet floors are only high-quality materials like oak, cork and other high-grade solid woods for great durability and authenticity.

thin cork parquet flooring