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Bakery cutters - professional bakery equipment for bread

When searching for bakery supplies, bakery cutters Domina are a part of our professional bakery equipment for bread and bread slicing. They come in different varieties, suitable and designed for the type of usage you need it most - whether in bakery, school cafeteria, restaurant or bistro. Basically everywhere you need large quantities of bread cut quickly and efficiently.

We offer you three kinds of bakery cutters that we find are most commonly used in bakery equipment and bread slicing:

  • 11 mm bakery cutter (cuts 11 mm slices of bread)
  • 15 mm bakery cutter (cuts 15 mm slices of bread)
  • 20 mm bakery cutter (cuts 20 mm slices of bread)

Additional to that, our bread slicing machines also come as two in one bakery cutters they can cut the bread in two widths:

  • 11 and 22 mm
  • 15 and 30 mm

Bakery cutterAdjustable bakery equipment

If desired, you can make further changes to the existing bakery cutter. As long as the minimal width of adjustable bread slicing guide is 11 mm and onwards, we can assemble the machine according to your needs and desires. With automatic bread slicing machines or bread cutters we have already technologically advanced the usage of our bakery cutters, so there is a simple and quickly manageable system that allows you to adjust the height of ourbakery equipment up to 165 mm of bread loaf length, further enlargements of frames and blades were made. With Domina equipment we even offer the version of bread slicing machines that power on electric drive, without usage of pneumatic system.

Bakery supplies Domina - everything made easy

With Dominabakery supplies everything is made easy- with just one push on the button and most of your work is done. And if you happen to come across a function in any of our bakery cutters or perhaps need a replacement or additional part for your bakery equipment, you can easily invoice your guarantee of two years, leased for all of our products.

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