Automatic slicer for all your slicing needs

Automatic slicer is the slicer for bread which does everything without any manual help of an operator. Slicer for bread is equipped with a line of very sharp blades that ensure slicer to cut bread evenly.

Automatic bread slicerAutomatic slicer - one of the slicers for bread in the Domina line

Our automatic slicer is an electrical slicer for bread. Convenient ON/OFF switch and emergency fuses ensure the safety of the machine. If you’d like to buy a bread slicer, you can choose a professional slicer, which can also be made according to your needs. Another option is a semi-automatic slicer where a certain amount of manual help is needed - for inserting the bread loaf into the machine and collecting the sliced loaf. Our product line also includes the slicer for trimming and cutting (excellent choice for tramezzini sandwiches), slicer for bread with a packing table (for convenient packing of the sliced bread) and an automatic slicer with a conveyor belt (for even faster cutting). Every bread slicer has a set of very sharp bread slicer blades, evenly placed to a desired width, which cut the bread into even slices.

Bread slicer blades and the width of sliced bread

Bread slicer blades come generally in 3 different sizes. You can buy a bread slicer that cuts 11mm, 15mm or 20mm wide slices of bread. You are also able to buy a “two in one” bread loaf slicer with an adjustable size of slice width from 11-22 mm or 15-30 mm. However you can also order a custom made automatic slicer from our company.

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