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Trekking and walking in Slovenia

Trekking in Slovenia is a widely spread and highly popular activity for locals and tourists alike. With the numerous number paths and sights to choose from, mountain hiking holidays are one of the more common ways to spend your vacation, no matter where you stay in Slovenia. Trekking in Slovenia can take you from hills a mere few hundred meters above the sea level, to long distance hiking along the highest of mountain ranges.

Walking in SloveniaWalking in Slovenia - when some paths are too demanding

Mountain hiking holidays are all well and fun, but sometimes trekking in Slovenia can become too much, especially for the younger and less experiences hikers. Instead, we suggest you go walking in Slovenia, along paths not as difficult and demanding. You don’t even need to go to an actual hill or mountaintop, instead you can take your brood on a Slovenian walking adventure. Maybe a Lake Bohinj hike around it would suffice instead of long distance hiking. Introduce mountain hiking holidays to your children in a gentler fashion by going walking in Slovenia.

Local hiking trails in Bohinj
Local hiking trails in Bohinj

If you’ve decided to spend your mountain hiking holidays in the Gorenjska region, you will definitely be able to take advantage of the local hiking trails in Bohinj. Trekking in this region of Slovenia provides you with access to the most coveted of all the mountains the Julian Alps in Slovenia have to offer: Mount Triglav. If your experience level is too low, or you’re just more interested in a less difficult destination for walking in Slovenia, you still have a lot of mountaintops to choose from. While trekking in Slovenia you can discover many mountain huts. In Slovenia, practically every hill and every mountain you can visit while trekking in Slovenia will have a mountain hut you can get some rest at and a warm meal for your belly. The local hiking trails in Bohinj allow for one of best walking in Slovenia you can find.

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