Holiday rooms in Slovenia

Rooms in Slovenia can be found in every part of the country. Whether you’re looking for holiday rooms by the seaside, the capital city or the mountainous areas, room or apartment booking will definitely be an option.

Rooms SloveniaLake Bohinj apartment booking

If you’re looking for rooms in Slovenia, but haven’t decided where you want to spend your vacation yet, we suggest into booking Lake Bohinj apartments or holiday rooms. Most apartment booking can be done via the internet or by calling the respective owners. We suggest you check out our website, which has a neatly organized list of all available accommodation booking options, as well as a handy interactive map showing you exactly where you’ll be staying and how close your rooms in Slovenia will be to the surrounding sights and activities. Lake Bohinj apartments and holiday rooms have the wonderful feature of being situated very close to a number of tourist hotspots.

Apartment bookingFirst and foremost there is of course Lake Bohinj, the apartments’ name giver. One of the most beautiful lakes in Slovenia is a popular tourist destination no matter the time of year. In the summer months you can walk or cycle around it, to fishing or rowing, and in the winter you might even be so lucky to go ice skating, when the lake freezes over. If you book holiday rooms in this part of Slovenia you can also go trekking along the Julian Alps and neighboring mountain ranges. Slovenian tourism has much to offer, so make sure to think of Lake Bohinj apartments while apartment booking.

No matter where your rooms in Slovenia are however, you can still rent a car and in a mere few hours reach Lake Bohinj and its beautiful surrounding. You can take part in all the activities, take in all the sights and return to your holiday rooms the same day, despite having booked an apartment on the opposite end of the country. Book rooms in Slovenia, you won’t regret it!

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