Lake Bohinj Church of St John the Baptist

Lake Bohinj churchNear Lake Bohinj, just at the source of the Sava Bohinjka river sits the most well-known Lake Bohinj church, the Church of St John the Baptist. The church is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the country. What make it special are the frescoes on the inside of the Lake Bohinj church, which depict various scenes from the bible, the oldest of which was painted in the 14th century. Its most popular painting is that of St John the Baptist, who has six toes on one of his feet in this painter’s rendition. The church itself was built even before the 1300s. With the stone bridge leaving to it and the view, this Bohinj Lake church became one of the symbols of Bohinj itself. Spend your lake holidays in Bohinj and explore this Lake Bohinj church’s beauties.

Bohinj Aquapark and Bohinj Park eco hotel

Bohinj Park eco hotelIf you’re spending your lake holidays in Bohinj and wish to see Lake Bohinj’s church, you need someplace to stay. A very viable option for families, couples and single travelers alike is the Bohinj Park eco hotel, with the Bohinj Aquapark next and connected to it. Bohinj Park eco hotel is the first truly eco-friendly hotel in Slovenia. It stands just at the edge of the Triglav national park and will allow you to spend you holidays in Slovenia as pampered as you like. Being connected via an underground pathway, the Bohinj Park eco hotel allows its guests to use the Bohinj Aquapark’s pools, saunas and fitness center for free. While you might not be able to spend your lake holidays actually bathing in a lake, you can still take a dip in Bohinj Aquapark’s many pools. Lake Bohinj things to do are many and varried!

The Bohinj Park eco hotel can also be a wonderful location to have your Lake Bohinj wedding reception at. Or if you’re into adventure holidays, you can stay here while taking part in the many exciting activities the region has to offer, like rafting or cycling in Slovenia. Slovenian tourism invites you to spend your lake holiday at the Bohinj Park eco hotel and its Bohinj Aquapark, and explore the sights, like the Lake Bohinj Church of St John the Baptist.

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